Color may be the most respected trait of coloured gemstones, hence a lot of coloured gems are treasured for their shade above all else. But though vivid colour traits arrive and go, black is a common dark coloration that in no way goes outside of trend. In the same way, white is timeless. A bonus of black and white jewellery styles is they can easi… Read More

Cassiterite is made up of tin oxide which is the principal ore for tin. The truth is, it really is also called 'the tin stone'. Along with its important industrial use, it's got some exciting Qualities which make substantial-top quality crystals beneficial gemstones. Cassiterite specimens are very fashionable with mineral collectors.Cassiterite is … Read More

So you have got made a decision to suggest towards your companion, now you should make a decision involving the numerous attainable engagement rings to discover the one that will make her want to say that oh-so-important term ‘Indeed’. But... what If you need your proposal to become A very unforgettable moment? You could elect to have an engage… Read More

A statement jewel like no other, examine the intriguing history of cocktail rings, at first a symbol of rebellion and independence. Margot McKinney Lightning Ridge opal and multi-coloured gemstone cocktail ringStatement jewels like no other, It appears fitting that cocktail rings commenced out as a sign of rebellion versus the Prohibition that swep… Read More

The Celts ended up many teams of people who lived in Central and Northern Europe during the Iron Age. The Celts are considered to possess flourished in England before Roman situations. Evidence of how of life of the Celts in historic Greek and Roman writings relates tales of wine-swilling, gold-loving, head-searching tribes, who fought enemies nake… Read More